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Your oral health care should take into account the health of your entire body, which is why The Beverly Hills Center for Advanced Dental Implants and Periodontology provides high-quality holistic dentistry for residents of Beverly Hills, California. With a team of exceptional providers, led by Jean-Jacques Elbaz, DDS, MS, the renowned practice offers state-of-the-art treatments like platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) and holistic periodontal treatment. Schedule a consultation today by phone or book online, and learn more about what holistic dentistry can do for you.

Holistic Dentistry and PRP

What is holistic dentistry?

Holistic dentistry is an approach to dental care that recognizes the connection between your oral health and the overall health of the rest of your body. A holistic dentist utilizes this connection to produce more effective results and enhance your dental experience. 

What is platelet-rich plasma (PRP)?

Your blood is made up of different components, including white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets. The platelets are responsible for stimulating the healing process in your bone and soft tissue.

Platelet-rich plasma, also referred to as PRP, is a sample of your blood that has been treated to enhance the concentration of platelets. Dr. Elbaz prepares your PRP right in the office. 

Utilizing a centrifuge, the platelets separate from the rest of the components in your blood sample. Dr. Elbaz then takes this platelet-rich plasma and uses it to enhance the healing process after your dental procedures, significantly improving your results and overall dental experience.

What are the benefits of using PRP in dental procedures?

Platelet-rich plasma speeds up your body’s natural healing processes. This means you’ll recover from your dental procedures quicker, experience less downtime, and resume your normal activities sooner. 

PRP also makes you less likely to develop a postoperative infection. In addition to platelets, the treated plasma also contains highly concentrated amounts of white blood cells, which have an antimicrobial effect at your wound sites. 

If you’re getting dental implants, PRP can significantly improve the effectiveness of your treatment. The platelets enhance the rate of bone formation at your surgery site, which increases the bone density surrounding your implants and promotes a stronger bond between your implant and your jawbone.

For this same reason, PRP can be helpful if you’re getting a bone graft since the platelets encourage the grafting material to form more bone material.  

To learn more about how holistic dentistry can improve your oral health and enhance your dental experience, schedule a visit by phone or book online today with The Beverly Hills Center for Advanced Dental Implants and Periodontology.